Cross Country Skiing skills

The two styles of Cross Country Skiing

Skating /free style
Le skating, aussi appelé pas du patineur

Le classique, aussi appelé pas alternatif

Cross Country Skiing “Skating style”

Skating was first seen in the 1980’s on the world cup cross country circuit. A similar movement to that used in roller / ice skating, the skier is pro-pulsed forward by the rapid transfer of bodyweight from one ski to another. The skier moves freely, without use of the tracks (see classic) in an exercise that stimulates co-ordination and aerobic capacities.

Fresh snow on the cross country tracks in Courmayeur
Fresh snow on the cross country tracks in Courmayeur


Cross Country Skiing “Classic style”


The traditional Nordic style of skiing is prepared in parallel tracks, this is a lateral movement similar to walking or jogging. Ski’s with scaled bottoms facilitate classic skiing for beginners, while waxed skis offer an approach a little more challenging for those with some experience.


For beginners we recommend the first lesson in the classic style. This will introduce you to:

  • Balance
  • Co-ordination legs / arms
  • Propulsion

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