First time Cross Country Skiing

First experience of Cross Country Skiing


Classic style
Classic style



For those trying Cross Country Skiing for the first time, we start by discovering the equipment and it’s function.

To get off on the right foot you will start with one ski only then alternate with the other. One of the first things to learn is to get back up without assistance, after a tumble.

The basics


-Transfer of weight from one side to the other

-Co-ordination arms / legs




After you feel sufficiently comfortable with the basics you can on progress into the green slope (easy) and learn the skills to enable you to enjoy endless Kilometres of Cross Country Skiing.

Beginners Diagonal stride
Beginners Diagonal stride


How many hours for a first lesson

We advise beginners to start with a half-day (morning / afternoon) or 2 hour lesson between midday-2pm.

Beginner lesson are carried out at the Bois du Bouchet piste, XC skiing map for beginners   which can be easily accessed by car or on foot from Chamonix town centre.

contact us for more details !

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